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GOSSELIN LAW is an established US law firm serving both individual and institutional clients in the US and abroad. With a dedicated French speaking staff, Gosselin Law is uniquely poised to serve the Franco-American community in the US.

Our attorneys provide counsel on domestic matters in the United States directly and through co-counsel arrangements in all 50 states. We are often called upon to act as legal translator and facilitator for clients engaged in matters requiring both linguistic and cultural knowledge.

GOSSELIN LAW is a responsive, tested and effective resource to all our clients.

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Gosselin Law
1026 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Phone: 781-782-6000
Toll Free: 866-520-6601

Lawyers in Paris

AIRIEAU MEYRIEUX ASSOCIES is a dynamic team comprised of lawyers with access to deep legal and business resources.

With diverse skill set enhanced by ongoing training and collaboration, AIRIEAU MEYRIEUX ASSOCIES works diligently to provide the most comprehensive solutions to our client’s issues.

Our hallmarks are availability, efficiency, quality.

Each client matter is supervised by a partner and an associate allowing both advanced expertise and cost effectiveness while assuring responsiveness.

For more information :

116 boulevard Saint Germain
75006 PARIS
Tel: 33 (0)1 44 01 44 86
Fax: 33 (0)1 40 46 86 17

Lawyers Worldwide

Beyond services in France and the US, as well as other French speaking countries, French Speaking Lawyer has long established formal and informal relationships throughout the world most particularly in Western Europe.

French Speaking Lawyer is a member of Interlegal (

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